I made a cassarole



fingerling potatoes de-eyed, scrubbed, and diced small

a slice sharp cheddar

a can of ferde salsa

a can of green chillis

an egg

tblsp milk




home fry potatoes in skillett with garlic, onion, rosemerry, etc.

add potatoes and chees to cassarole dish.

scrabble beaten egg and milke

mix in entire contents of green chilli can

add atop potaotes in cassarole dish

bake 350 degrees F for 45 min

cool for 15 min





Matt Pinner builds interactive clothing and installations while helping others. A software architect by day, an artist by night, Matt combines his learned skillsets with a desire to explore how humans interact with one another and the images they project. Matt uses custom circuitry, programming and rapid prototyping to deliver value and joy.

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One comment on “I made a cassarole
  1. Matt Pinner says:

    i started making this again with a set of fingerling potatoes. the purple ones are great. I added a drizzle of maple syrup after the potatoes were cooked and breakfast burritoed it with spicy refried black beans…. mmmMMM

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