Pineapple CupCakes! People tested. Hacker Approved




1 box Cake Mix

1/3 cup Oil/Butter

3/4 cup Coconut Milk : the unsweetened milk alternative one

3 eggs

1 can pineapple chunks



preheat oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit.

beat eggs by hand

add oil

beat more.

add mix

beat more

drain pineapple juice into fluid measuring cup (about 1/4 cup)

add coconut milk to measuring cup until you have 1 cup of fluid

add fluid to batter

beat more

add pineapple chunks



i over heated the oven a bit because I was making mini-cupcakes and was in a hurry. I knew i’ dbe opening it a lot as each set were poured or ready.

don’t over work the batter. beat by hand just enough to get each addition mixed. the order i choose starts very thick and hard to mix, but avoid lumps.

kitties and hackers love cupcakes!







Matt Pinner builds interactive clothing and installations while helping others. A software architect by day, an artist by night, Matt combines his learned skillsets with a desire to explore how humans interact with one another and the images they project. Matt uses custom circuitry, programming and rapid prototyping to deliver value and joy.

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