Lunar New Years Dumplings w @adellelin




vegg filling:

2 cup minced and drained cabbage

2 cups rehydrated, minced and drained mushrooms

1 1/2 cups sheets of tofu skins, also minced

one box of spinach, microwaved, then minced and drained


seasoning filling:

5 stalks chives

4 cloves garlic

6 tps ginger

2 tsp sichuan peppercorn

2tps soysauce

2 tps sesameseed oil

chilli to tasted


meet filling:

3 chicken thighs minced

1lb prawns (cooked, tailed, deskinned) minced



  1. mince seasoning filling with veggie filling parts
  2. mix together meet parts in separate dish
  3. add meet and optionally meet filling to dumpling wrapper
  4. press and fold real nice. (external reference)
  5. keep going until a plate is full, about 10-15
  6. place tightly in hot pan with oil
  7. brown.
  8. add boiling water to half cover dumpling
  9. cover pan
  10. remove and fill onto plate once water has gone





Matt Pinner builds interactive clothing and installations while helping others. A software architect by day, an artist by night, Matt combines his learned skillsets with a desire to explore how humans interact with one another and the images they project. Matt uses custom circuitry, programming and rapid prototyping to deliver value and joy.

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