Pineapple CupCakes! People tested. Hacker Approved




1 box Cake Mix

1/3 cup Oil/Butter

3/4 cup Coconut Milk : the unsweetened milk alternative one

3 eggs

1 can pineapple chunks



preheat oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit.

beat eggs by hand

add oil

beat more.

add mix

beat more

drain pineapple juice into fluid measuring cup (about 1/4 cup)

add coconut milk to measuring cup until you have 1 cup of fluid

add fluid to batter

beat more

add pineapple chunks



i over heated the oven a bit because I was making mini-cupcakes and was in a hurry. I knew i’ dbe opening it a lot as each set were poured or ready.

don’t over work the batter. beat by hand just enough to get each addition mixed. the order i choose starts very thick and hard to mix, but avoid lumps.

kitties and hackers love cupcakes!






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Thanksgiving Stuffing Bread (vegetarian)




2 tablespoons butter

1 onion

1 1/2 cup vegatable broth

5 sticks of celery

3 shitake mushrooms

1 1/2 tsp garlic salt

rosemerry, basil, thyme

fresh sage

yeast packet

1 tablespoon honey



add broth, yeast, and honey to breadmaker pan

slice and brown onion

slice celery and mushroom

mix spices, herbs, and garlic salt

add onion, flour, herb mix, mushrooms, and celery to breadmaker pan

start machine on “basic” mode

wait and hope…




perhaps less onions next time…






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1 cup of ice

3 fingers Hendricks Gin

2 finger Lillet

3 finger soda

1 slice of cucumber


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MAtt’s Club-Mate (testing…)


3 1/2 tbl loose mate

1 tbl sugar

1g guarana

1/4 tsp molasses 

1/4 cirtric acid

3 drops of orange bitters

1L water



0. add sugar, guarana, molasses, citric acid, bitters to a 1L bottle

1. boil water. cool or dilute to 75 degrees celsius

2. mix mate with water and filter. i use a coffee press generiously donated by @seanbonner

3. filter with coffee filter into bottle

4. chill

5. carbonate

6. server and enjoy


I made four batches. two different types of sugar and two different types of mate





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I made GlutenFree Bread… also, Vegan


garbanzo beanie, channa-lishous, chickpea-tastic… ok, not really.

I had an odd dream about kneeding bread one handed while holding down a conversation. i suspect my arm had fallen asleep IRL, but I woke up thinking about how much energy i spend running to specialty shops for glutenfree breads. i know now they are especially worth it and appreciate the good work they do all that much more. still i will try to make more at home. it is fun.

first tweet of the day was in hopes to find a breadmchine i could play with. within the hour i had one.

i started with a recipe at glutenfreegoddess. it seemed they had the most page ranks and relavent experience with bread machines. i deviated a lot.

i used (very approximatedly):

1tsp salt

1 packet of yeast

2 1/2 cups Red Mills gluten free all-purpose baking flour (garbanzo)

1/2 cup tapioca flour

1/2 tbl xanthan gum


 2 eggs (or 1 tbl egg replacer and 4 tbl water)

 1 1/4 cup 115degree water

 2 tbl extra virgin olive oil

 1/2 tbl apple cider vinegar


 1 tbl sugar

next time i might not use olive oil. and add more salt and instead of the Red Mill use 1 1/2 cups rice flour and a total of 1 1/2 cup tapioca flour. She calls for potato starch. i guess the tapioca is good enough. more sugar could be nice depending on the final purpose…



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bacon chocolate silk pie #GlutenFree



1 box of Gluten Free gramhm cracks

1/2 lb of bacon 

1 bar unsweetenedm

1 cup heavy whipping cream


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I made a cassarole



fingerling potatoes de-eyed, scrubbed, and diced small

a slice sharp cheddar

a can of ferde salsa

a can of green chillis

an egg

tblsp milk




home fry potatoes in skillett with garlic, onion, rosemerry, etc.

add potatoes and chees to cassarole dish.

scrabble beaten egg and milke

mix in entire contents of green chilli can

add atop potaotes in cassarole dish

bake 350 degrees F for 45 min

cool for 15 min




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california caprese crepe

2 eggs

1 jalepano

1 tblsp milk

1 tblsp buckwheat flour

1 red roma tomatoe

1 avacado

1 spig of basil

1 slice of sharp cheddar



beat eggs, milk, flour, minced jalepano, and pinch of salt

add to med/high pan

spread and turn heat to med


add cheese, basil, sliced tomatoe, and sliced avacado

roll onto plate once cheese starts to melt.



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seasame jalepano slider bite



seasame buns (1/4 size)

beef (grn)

tomatoe, duh

fresh jalepon (1/2 per slider)



roll, slice, grill meat

toast bun

chop tom




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ABSTPBEB: Avacado Bacon spiniach tomatoe peanut butter eggie in a basket



2x eggie in a basket




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